Commission prices are as follows. These are the most popular sizes but there are other sizes available. Consider the size of the animal when deciding on a size. A larger dog seems to look better in a larger painting. Think about where you would hang your painting. An 18 x 24 or larger looks great hanging over a fireplace. Some photos work best in a square and others a rectangle. I will make suggestions to what works best. Two or more animals will increase the price and work better in a larger size. I will crop the photo for the strongest composition and email it to you for approval.

After the painting is complete  we will arrange a pickup/delivery. If I am shipping to you I will email a photo of the painting for your approval.

I accept personal checks or PAYPAL and of course cash.

Prices do not include shipping. I will ship your painting using FedEx. Sales tax applies to Illinois residents.

Once we decide on a size and a photo I will email you an agreement stating what size, price, turnaround time, and payment terms. I request a 50% deposit to get started.

Portrait Size Options

12″ x 12″ 

11″ x 14″

10″ x 20″

16″ x 16″

12″ x 24″

16″ x 20″

18″ x 24″

15″ x 30″

24″ x 24″

18″ x 36″

24″ x 30″

24″ x 36″
$800.00 – $1100.00

30″ x 30″
$800.00 – $1100.00

30″ x 40″
$1200.00 – $1600.00