BostonA good photo of your animal is essential. I paint from your favorite photograph, but I appreciate any photos you send along for reference. The eyes, nose and ears are important for me to see. Fun and interesting shots are always welcome! Looking down on your pet’s nose is always a great shot.

I have painted many animals that have passed on so I understand that getting “the perfect shot” is not always an option.

If you are in the Rockford area sometimes I am available to come over and photograph your pet. This ensures a good photo and I get to meet you and your pet!

The time frame for receiving your finished portrait depends on my waiting list at the time. The usual time frame is 3-6 weeks but I will try to accommodate any special requests for a due date.

Photos can be emailed to Michelle, sent in the mail, or you can upload your photos right here on this site! A high resolution is important for me to see all the details. Please send your photo at actual size to maintain image quality.

I will take excellent care of any hard copy photo you provide and will return them in the condition in which I received them.